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Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is the process of mining large amounts of data in order to extract its hidden values, new relationships and patterns that until now were hard to find and very expensive. Those techniques are being used by corporations in the world, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix, to bring value to their customers and find new market opportunities. BDataLabs is building an open platform so any person or company, with Big Data expertise or not, can take advantage of those techniques and technologies to keep competitive.

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Why Big Data matters

Every day more than 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are created in the world and until 2018, more than 50gb will be generated every second! And to make thins even more complex, only 5% of those are structured data. The remaining 95% are non-structure data such as texts, images and video. Big Data consists of use all the data available to search for new business and discover opportunities which until today were impossible. Also, focusing in reduce the overall cost of data processing by applying those technologies in commodity hardware.

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What we offer you?

BDataLabs has put together the best technologies available on the market in a open platform to empower you start analysing your data regardless its size. We gathered a specialized team of scientists focused on creating an easy to use application which abstract all the technology challenges Big Data projects brings with it. So you can focus on the task that matters: find value in your data. Also, if you are an experiences Data Scientist, we give you freedom to create your own analytics models and use it in the way you want.

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How it works

Understands how BDataLabs can help you with the very challenging task of start using Big Data

Create your private Data Lake

Clean and prepare your data for analytics

Create new datasets from on different sources of data

Analyse any amount of data

Apply different types of machine learning algorithms

Create your own analytics models

Visualize and share your discoveries

Visualize your data in real time

Create your customized Dashboard & Reports

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You are one step way to Big Data Analysis and from the competitive advantage your business needs.

Privacy & Security of your data.

Security is a serious matter and we treat it with caution and transparency.


We sign a confidentiality contract where we guarantee that your data is private and won't be used neither accessed by any not authorized person.


We ue the best information security techniques and tools to assure your data is protected from any cyber attack .

Access Control

We provide you with a extensive security control where you grant access to who should access your data.

Who we are

BDataLabs is a multinational company which gathers more than 11 years of experience in scalable architectures for data processing. With presence in the principals technologies marked in the world. US, Ireland, United Kingdom, India, Russia, Brazil, Argentina e Chile.

Data Science Expertise

Apply Data Science requires a set of skills and diversified knowledge. BDataLabs has built a multidisciplinary team, with experience in Statistics, Computer Science and Business Analysis.

Scalable Software Escalável

Scale complex data pipelines are hard and requires a set of processes, technologies and people highly quilified. That's what BDataLabs brings. A versatile team carrying the mission to make Big Data Analytics accessible to everyone. Isso que BDataLabs trás de melhor.